Terms and Conditions

Free Delivery

Free next day delivery not available on all products. Free delivery is restricted to the county of Dorset. If you live outside of Dorset please call to get a delivery quote. Deliveries are to the front of the property only unless otherwise agreed with a member of the team. Delivery times are between 8am-6pm Mon - Fri and 9am-2pm on Sat.

Please Know about Wood

Unlike steel, wood is a natural product, a living material. Every piece of wood is different and will have unique features like knots, cracks and variations in colour. As a living material, wood is prone to react to variations in atmospheric conditions. It will expand and contract with fluctuations of temperature and humidity. In warm, sunny weather timber will shrink. In wet weather it will expand. As these physical changes do not take place uniformly throughout the wood, stresses are set up which results in cracks and splits opening up, which are natural characteristics of all wood.The cracks and splits are to be expected and will not affect the strength and quality of your fence or gate in any way. We also recommend that you treat all components of your fence at least once every 12 months.